Days with David.

[Risks No. 600 – 617] One of my greatest joys in this journey has been risking with David Carter. David is my 8 year old and has asked that I bring him into the office for the last Friday of every month. Surprisingly, he doesn’t want to just hang at the office; he actually wants to go out praying for people. Nuts. Where was I at age 8???

On this Friday, he wanted to go to Wal-Mart because that’s where he’s seen the neediest of people (according to him). “Dad, there are way more people in wheelchairs at Wal-mart than Target.”

Here is a brief rundown of the day!

Randy was selling papers on our way out of East Nashville when we approached him. He confided in us about his upcoming shoulder surgery, so we asked him if we could pray for healing and a quick and easy recovery. David and I then visited his favorite lunch spot, the Dog of Nashville, where we met a woman who was limping. Though no physical healing was evident at the time, we were able to pray for her and leave her feeling encouraged. While there we also spoke with Daniel who told us about his concern over school work and prayed for relief from worry, his success and motivation to do well.

Before we even made it inside Walmart, we met Gale. She was slowly getting out of her car with assistance from her husband and a walker, when David and I joined in to help. When we asked her how we could pray for her, Gail told us she was recovering from brain surgery. She told us she was not currently experiencing pain, but gladly received prayer and encouragement from us.

Next we met Ella who was sitting outside Wal-Mart with a walker who allowed us to pray with her. She was the sweetest of ladies. So joyful that we had stopped and paid attention to her.

Soon we encountered Lisa and her friend Kim who was in a wheelchair, wearing a boot. We learned that she was struggling with right-sided paralysis and massive pain due to a car accident and were able to pray with her concerning her condition. To our surprise, once we ministered to them, Kim prophesied over David and likewise encouraged us, reminding us how God desires to reciprocate his love into our own lives, and encounter us in unlikely places. Kim’s pain dropped to a zero and she began to feel nerve’s firing on her right side – something she hasn’t felt in 5 years. Later met a couple other ladies with whom we were able to pray for favor and blessing on their work, as well as healing for one of their knees. Nita allowed us to also pray for her work situation, and for back pain she has been dealing with for some time. Mike came to us with pain in his ankle, which we were able to pray healing for, but as we prayed I also saw a call on his life as a leader or pastor. He looked at me with surprise in his eyes. I encouraged him to continue seeking Jesus. Another man we came across with face tattoos gave me the funniest look ever when I asked if he had any pain in his arms. “NO!” Whoops, missed that word. He wasn’t about to stop (and I wasn’t about to complain about it) so we kept moving, ha.

A woman in the hot sauce aisle joked with us about grandma’s who spoil their grandchildren, and while she did not wish us to pray for her, we were able to share a sweet moment of laughter. Soon enough we met another woman in a motorized wheelchair who God had been giving me a picture of all day, and David and I were able to pray for healing and God’s blessing over her life. Linda, whom we met shopping with her daughter, told us she was suffering from pain in her knees. We prayed for her, and she told us the pain went significantly down from an 11 out of 10 to a 4 or 5. This pain reduction led to further talking, praying, and hugging, and we were able to invite them to church with us to continue pressing in to God’s work in her life. Thank you Jesus!

At the tire center we encountered Gary. We asked him how we might be able to pray for him, and though he quickly changed the subject, we were able to speak encouragement and identity into his life, thanking him for who he was. Nearby was a girl named Brittany, and the second we met, I was given a picture of God putting His arm around her. I told her I believed God wanted to comfort her and demonstrate love despite the presence of a difficult situation. She thanked me and told me how relevant those words were, revealing that her ex-husband was currently trying to get full custody of their child. God specifically high-lighter her to me and spoke into her situation, and even began the healing process in a physical way in her shoulders and back.

In all it was an eventful day, and I left feeling equally encouraged and energized to be able to share the risk-taking experience of loving others the way I’d hope to be loved with my son.