[Risk No. 622] I knew I’d be meeting my friend for an early lunch at Baja Burrito. That morning in my “quiet time” I envisioned a hispanic woman behind the counter at Baja and heard the word, “columna.” I wasn’t honestly sure what columna translated to in English, but figured if I saw a hispanic lady at the Baja register, I’d ask.  That’s when I met Kristan. I was able to speak to her in Spanish and asked about her columna/espalda – spinal column/back – as I would soon find out. She was in pain and did have back/spinal column issues. We prayed over her and I encouraged her with how much God loved her. A few minutes later I was up getting fiery salsa when she was simultaneously filling the salsa bar. I asked how she felt. In Spanish: “Oh, I don’t have any pain and I feel fine now!” Jesus loves you, God bless you!

There’s something so special about the gift of words of knowledge (and all the gifts, of course), but the way in which God can cut through the awkward with a simple word of revelation about that individual is priceless. I want to grow more here, Jesus. Grow me! Grow us!