Plumber John.

[Risk No. 623] Plumber John has been to our house twice. The first-time our dishwasher went out I didn’t offer to pray for him. The second time I felt God was giving me a picture of him and saw him as someone who might be an elder at a church and asked him if that was true. Nope, at least not yet. I shared some encouragement on how I feel God has prophetically wired him. He talked about the past couple of years where he had not been to church.

I then felt to ask him about any pain. 5 years ago he had been in a car wreck and broken his hip/femur and now arthritis was setting in. Asked if I could pray. He awkwardly agreed. Commanded arthritis to flee and body to be healed. Then had the thought that maybe his right leg that had been broken was shorter than the left. I asked. It was so. Without really thinking twice (grace), I grabbed a chair and asked this 6 foot 50 year old country man to take a seat in my dining room and to give me his legs. It was both hilarious and awkward as anything.

Leg, grow out in Jesus name. Grow. Grow. More. I held them together and where they once were off by a half inch or so they now seemed to be the same length. I asked him to stand up and walk around. “Wow, that’s weird. The catching isn’t there anymore. Now I don’t waddle like a penguin!”

Reminded him how much Jesus loves and how much Jesus desires intimacy with him. Jesus!