[Risk No. 624] I parked my car in long-term and began to walk toward the airport. Tanya picked me up in the shuttle bus. When she dropped me off I asked her name and how I could pray. There’s something so very special and significant about asking people their names. If you’re wanting to grow in the risk department, start there. Just ask people you interact with for their name, and then use it. Like, nice to meet you, Tanya. God bless you, Tanya. It’s how God knows them, shouldn’t we?

“Oh, however you would like,” came her somewhat unsuspecting reply. Do you have any pain? “Yeah, my back. Always.” I held her hand and rebuked pain then told her to try moving around. “Well, it feels fine now.” Cool, God loves you – have a great day! I encouraged her and praised God for opportunities to love even in funny places.