No pain.

[Risks No. 626-627] As I was walking toward the security line an elderly lady in a wheelchair caught my eye. I asked if she was in pain. Nope. Oh, well I just noticed you were in the wheelchair and wanted to ask. “No, I’m fine.” Wanting to justify my funny question and the awkward I was feeling from her – in all reality, she probably thought I was a thug trying to scam her.  I tried sharing the compassionate heart God has given me for healing. “Oh, I’m fine!” Ok, God bless you and have a great day. There are just times where you know no matter what you say you are going to be mistaken. Risk anyway.

The man at the security check point greeted me and I smiled and offered my hello. Hey, do you by chance have any back pain? “No, I work out and it keeps me going strong.” Yeah, I can see that – he was short and way stocky. “Why, do you fix backs or something?” No, but Jesus does. “Man, that’s good! Haha!” Winked at him and blessed him. Grateful for awkward turned awesome.