[Risk No. 630] David was rolling a rick of firewood outside his small Southern Californian business. I shopped around, went out to my car and then turned back as I felt God wanted me to give him a word. I told David that I saw God using him to change the lives of youth and to make a huge difference in the world. I asked if I could pray over him and he offered both hands promptly turned up across the counter. I prayed, inviting the Holy Spirit to minister to David in power. He came around the counter to hug me.

We then prayed over his addiction to nicotine. He began talking about his need to go back to church and I was able to remind him that what we were experiencing was church. He agreed. I told him about 1000 risks and challenged him to ask God to give him 1 person a day that came in to the shop that he could offer to pray for. Now, it might seem crazy that the owner of a small tienda (selling lotto tickets, snacks, liquor and an assortment of random goods) in California is praying for his customers. But what a better place to minister to the hurting and broken? What if God turns his business into a church?

Let’s pray that God uses David to change the world. Thank You, Lord, for David. Bless his business, but even more, bless his journey with You. Increase his intimacy with You.