This is not so much a risk but an encouragement, especially to the areas in which God is working where we have no real clue of that work.

While waiting to meet my friends for coffee in SoCal, I was walking around looking for them in this unique indoor/outdoor shop/work space. That’s when I heard someone call out my name, “Chad!” I walked over to meet a smiling Anton, friend of a friend whom I had never met. I happened to be wearing my See The Light shirt and Anton recognized it, figuring it had to be me. Ha! He introduced me to a girl sitting next to him whom he had had the privilege two days prior of leading to Christ. I then met another friend of his that 4 months ago had come to Christ.

Anton shared how God had wrecked his life. He had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, walked around this place rebuking the enemy principalities (in tongues) and was seeing people come to Jesus left and right. My heart leapt when he shared this. It’s what I’ve been praying and believing for – this generation loving Jesus! Hearts won. Oh the need to be a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people.