Three’s a company.

[Risks No. 634-636] Three stewardesses congregated in the back of my first flight as I squeezed into the obviously undersized bathroom. On my way out, I thanked them for their service to us and for working so hard to meet all our needs. All three, one at a time, stood up and hugged me. I asked about pain and whether anyone had any physical problems. Rachel had hurt her right knee on the treadmill earlier in the week. I asked Laurie to place her hand on Rachel’s knee.

Peace come, pain leave. Ok, try it out. She stood up and started moving it. With that awe-struck look of sweet wonder: “I swear, Oh my God!” Yes, it was God. God gave me encouraging/prophetic words for each of them. Hugs: again. They seemed genuinely blown away. I was genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be love. Thanks God – You are amazing!