Harry & friends.

[Risks No. 637 – 638] I had a brief break between flights at Houston International. Last time I was here it was on my way to Costa Rica – sweet memories! I had noticed Harry and his wife in the first row of my flight out of OC. I overheard him complaining of his knees. I silently prayed over his knees but didn’t stop at the time.

After grabbing a slice of pizza on the go, I noticed Harry, his wife, and an airport employee helping them. He was in a wheelchair and it looked like they were trying to figure out which gate to get to. I approached. Hey, how did your knees do? I heard you complaining about them on our flight. “Well, I made it!” Harry was an old war veteran married to the sweetest of ladies.  He had recently broken his hip and was recovering from surgery. I asked if I could pray that Jesus sped up the healing process. He instantly reached out his right hand to take mine. His wife’s eyes brightened up and the airport employee placed her hand on my shoulder (I was kneeling down).

Harry’s wife told me the first place he wanted to go upon arriving home was church. Church came early! Prayed and blessed them. I felt the lady that was helping  had back issues and I asked. She did and more. Pain all over. We prayed for her and she thanked us with tear-filled eyes.

So thankful for the ministry of reconciliation that we’ve all been called into!