[Risk No. 642] My kids wanted to see The Lego Movie. I’m a sucker for Lego’s and movies although in this case hype out-lived reality. On our way in, Renee checked our ticket stubs and pointed us to the right. I asked if she had any pain or issues in her right knee. She didn’t answer me but just looked at me with that quirky “huh?” kind of expression. I explained how I practice hearing from God and that He loves to heal. She then explained that she had pain and issues everywhere. I found this statement she made very interesting: “You won’t be able to do anything about this unless you have a miracle drug.” The Holy Spirit brought to mind a loving, but quick witted reply – I don’t have a miracle drug, I have a miracle friend.

Can I please pray for you? Watch, this will be awesome! I didn’t place my hand on her shoulder or offer my hand as I felt tension and awkward. I knew she thought I was a freak and there wasn’t grace for the touch. I commanded all pain to leave and welcomed God’s presence. Prayed that the love of God would touch down on her. I asked her to try moving her knee. “Well, I just did and it feels the same.” She obviously felt she’d won the debate on miracles. I asked if could just hug her. She awkwardly embraced me. I blessed her and we were on our way. I didn’t feel I needed to explain that sometimes healing comes as a process and I was confident God would restore her health.

We walked toward the theatre and I asked my kids what they felt might happen in this case. They both replied, “God will probably still heal her.” Agreed. We prayed for her again (among ourselves). Lord, touch all those whose hearts are closed and hard toward You. Move us with love regardless of how anyone is responding. Cause us to bless and not curse.