[Risk No. 643] I was waiting for my friend outside of Dave Ramsey’s office in Cool Springs. I had never been to their Headquarters here in town but have heard it’s quite the operation. God has used Dave’s simple financial message to encourage my own stewardship so it felt sweet to see how God has used someone simply desiring to be a good steward.

A group of men came out of the building headed on an early lunch break and as one of them walked down the steps next to me I watched him struggle to bend his knee. His face grimaced with pain. I paused. Should I go for it, or keep waiting and pretend like I didn’t notice? God won. Again. Hey, excuse me sir. I couldn’t help but notice your pain. Is it your knee? “Yeah, I don’t know what happened but it’s been like this for weeks. I really need to get it looked at.”

Explained the heart God has given me and asked if I could pray healing over his knee. “Sure, prayer could certainly help.” Bent down, laid my hands on his left knee and commanded it to be restored. Try it out. “It feels about the same, but thank you.” No problem, it will recover. Not seeing instant healing can be discouraging, but it’s not meant to be. We are called to the work of obedience and God is in the results business. Jesus told us when we lay hands on the sick, they’d recover (Mark 16). Recovery is imminent, though not necessarily instant.

A hug and awkward looks from his friends.