[Risk No. 644] There’s nothing quite like an excellent Crepe to start the day off right. I met my pal Cody at a Creperia on another cold Southern morning. I had been to this Creperia recently and had met Josh at the cashier. I didn’t sense anything specific from the Lord and didn’t ask how I could pray. I had a feeling I might be seeing him again. This morning, I did. He was again at the register and this time I asked God for encouragement to pass along to him.

Hey man, I could be way off but I’m getting the feeling in my heart that you are a dreamer and that God’s put a dream in your heart that hasn’t seen the light of day yet. I feel Jesus wants you to know that you’re not crazy and He hasn’t forgotten about you. “Wow, that’s really interesting. Yeah, there is a dream in my heart.” Cool, what is it? “My dream is to be able to find a way to build websites for non-profits free of charge to them.” Crazy! Dude, I founded a non-profit here in town and we need a new website, haha. “Which one?” It’s called Come&Live!.

Josh had never heard of C&L! but I got to pray over him and encourage him. God knows all. We see dimly, but I’m convinced Jesus wants us to see more as He does. Increase our vision, Father.