Indian Shores. (Verse 2)

[Risks No. 647-652] Two days later, I’m back at Publix. So much for groceries to last a week.

This time at the store everything felt and seemed different. One thing to note is that I had confessed my fears and shame to the Lord earlier on this day and had a sweet time with Jesus. Risks flowing from intimacy with Jesus don’t really feel like risks as much as opportunities. Pure joy. It’s a rush to be alive when we’re living close to the King.

I walked in and noticed an older man walking out with a right wrist immobilizer. I asked about it. Carpel tunnel but no pain currently. He kept moving, and I didn’t offer to pray. I might normally feel weird about not having offered, but in this case, I felt encouraged that I had asked and welcomed joy from The Lord. I walked in singing and rejoicing. No shame.

Spent a few minutes picking up items when I saw Scott in a motorized wheelchair. I asked why he was in it. His response in a strong northeastern accent, “bad heart.” He went on to explain his condition and I asked if I could pray. We held hands and I commanded his heart to be whole and spoke encouragement over him. He wasn’t experiencing pain/aching at the time but was super thankful that I cared enough to pray for him.

Sharon & her friend were in line next to me at the deli area. I made small talk and noticed Sharon’s obvious cough. I asked. Seasonal allergies. Offered my hand and found myself saying, here’s my gift to you. Weird, not sure I’ve really thought that before but it’s so true. Held her hand and spoke life to her lungs and breathing. Allergies: end. She thanked me and I told her I needed a hug. Sweet. Was able to pray for and encourage both of them over several other things going on. Living love.

Jan was working the deli area. She had helped me on my first trip but I didn’t step out, even though I had sensed God gave me a word for her. This time I shared about how I saw her as a person who made others feel like family and that she was a sweet blessing to the world. Asked about her right neck/shoulder. “My shoulder has issues but it’s not hurting right now.” Offered my hand and prayed over her shoulder and blessed her life and all those working in that area (it was busy). She was floored, as was I.

I asked Lauren for help in finding rice cakes for my wife. She was clueless as to the rice cakes location but asked how I could pray all the same. Ummmm. Do you have any pain? “Yes. My stomach.” Prayed and asked her to move around. “I feel fine now. Weird.” Cool! Jesus loves you.

Lisamari & Keira helped me at checkout. I asked Lisamari how she was doing and she talked about how much better she was doing due to stress being lowered in her life. We talked about what a beast stress is and how much sickness & disease is rooted there. Studies have shown that 50% of ALL sickness in America is stress-related. Crazy. She had a right wrist immobilizer and I asked if she had carpel tunnel. She did and was recovering from surgery on both wrists. I spoke a word to her about how I saw her, specifically as someone who listened well and gave great advice. Have you ever thought about being a counselor? “No, but that’s really strange you mention it, my husband was the first person who ever noticed my ability to listen well and give good advice.” Wow! We had a super sweet prayer time and as soon as I said amen, she said, “I can feel electricity flowing all the way up my arm!” I asked Keira if I could pray a short blessing over her life. “YES!” She had moved to Florida from San Diego and I experienced a ton of compassion for her. Held hands. Prayed and asked Jesus to be everything in her life.

Yes, it is pretty crazy when the Holy Spirit manifests in grocery stores. But even crazier is walking around never stopping to consider that He may just want to bring glory to Jesus!