[Risk No. 659] Check-out time came too quickly on the Florida shores. Kathy had helped me retrieve my swim shorts (from the balcony two floors below ours) the day prior to check-out. We had a crazy storm blow through and somehow my drying shorts landed a couple floors down.

I handed in keys and paperwork, knowing the odds I would ever be back were slim to none (we had been offered a free time-share – the first in 18 years of marriage – and I’m doubtful the same offer will come around twice). Assumptions always get us in trouble. I asked Kathy how I could pray for her, whom just the day prior I had assumed was probably not a believer. Pure ass-umption. She looked shocked, came around the counter and indicated that I should follow her out the office door. Once in the hallway, she let out a bewildered, “you’re a Christian?!?!” Why, yes, I am. Ha.

She seemed as equally assumptive as I had been. We held hands and prayed. It was so sweet. She asked that I pray over all her co-workers who are not yet Jesus followers. We did. Amazingly encouraging encounter.

Father, please forgive me for making assumptions on others. Help me not do that.