[Risk No. 661] I had watched Chris walk (more like limp with a cane) into the local gas station where I was returning Thor to his rightful Redbox owner. I considered going in after him but I chose comfort. How great comfort feels until you realize love is the call and the extent of comfort I was meant to experience is the Helper Holy Spirit himself.

As I began to drive off I noticed Chris coming back out. Jesus again took the worst of me and replaced it with what’s always best in Him. I backed the car up into the open space right next to Chris’ oversized pick-up truck. Chris was in his late 50’s and a very large African-American man. I offered to pray.  He agreed. His leg had been hurt from a work-related fall a month prior and was still suffering it’s consequences. Prayed full restoration, encouraged him and reminded him of the Love Jesus is.

Good times. Thanks God for grace. Make us just like You – full of love and always spilling over.