[Risk No. 662] David sat selling the homeless paper from his wheelchair when I rolled up to the light. I asked his name and why he was in the chair. “I have a spinal problem.” Asked if he was in pain. “Yes, all the time.” He welcomed prayer and I had a decision to make. Pray right then and cause the people behind me to wait or go with green and pray for him while driving away.

I chose to extend my hand and invited Jesus to minister in power to David. He immediately took off his hat and bowed his head. Kindly, none of the cars behind me chose to use their horns or fingers in objection. They seemed to patiently wait through another cycle of the light. Bought a paper just as the light turned green (again).

Lord touch the David’s of the world today and draw them ever close to You. God, I pray for all of those who you’ve given us an opportunity to love: the ones we’ll see again, and especially the ones we won’t. Bring many more of Your followers to water seeds. Cause these seeds to grow up into You.