Not feeling it.

[Risk No. ZERO] This past Friday I just wasn’t feeling it. I had David with me and knew that this would make a great opportunity to go out and love on some people. I opted not to and chose the busyness of life instead. The next day the Lord spoke to me about what I wasn’t feeling. By the way, I know that I/we are not called to live by feelings. Faith is the compass. Even still, there are times when I want feelings to stir me up. Here’s what I sensed the Lord share with me:

“Your struggle to love others yesterday had very little to do with feelings. It had much to do with your lack of intimacy with Me. You haven’t spent time lately in My presence and yet are hoping that gifting will carry you through. My Spirit gifts you to be a blessing to others, but My presence fills and sustains you. Come to me and find rest.”

Wow. I was stunned because I knew how true this was. I wasn’t going after Jesus in the quiet space and giving Him my all. I repented and asked Jesus to forgive me. He did. I had a wonderful encounter with Him – in the Word and in His presence.