[Risk No. 664] Derri spoke at our church on human trafficking in Tennessee and the organization that she serves with. While she spoke I sensed that I should pray for her and I also felt she may be experiencing pain/problems in her shoulders as a result of stress carried from her work. After church she was at the ministry booth and I asked if I could say a quick prayer over her. She seemed relieved and thrilled that someone would ask. I began praying for and invited the Holy Spirit to lead our prayer time. Several specific/direct thoughts came to mind that I shared/prayed:

1. The ministry had several specific needs in terms of roles that had not yet been fulfilled. I sensed God wanted to remind her that He would bring the right people for the roles.

2. Felt Derri was concerned about an upcoming vacation and not sure the ministry would be covered without her. I encouraged her that the Lord wanted her to rest and that He was in charge of the ministry, not her.

When I said amen she responded with an encouraging, “You have no idea!” Cool. You’re right, I really don’t. But I think the Holy Spirit does. I don’t and didn’t need to hear how those words applied. My job is to share what’s in my heart – when I’m spot on and even when I’m not – and be honest with those I’m ministering to either way.

Lastly I asked if she had any shoulder issues. “Why, yes, I do. That’s strange you would ask. My right shoulder is in pain, and I have a strange rash on both shoulders.” I asked if I could place my hands on her shoulders and she turned toward me, indicating she was A-OK with my offer. Prayed. Amen. “Your hands are on fire!” I instructed her to test out her shoulder. “There’s no pain at all, it feels normal. Wow! You are amazing!” I’m actually not amazing, but Jesus is. It’s all Him.

Super encouraging. Thank You, Lord!