Catora, Part 2.

[Risk No. 666 – OOOH, scary!] Every now and again I’m overwhelmingly surprised by the Lord. He’s of course amazing all the time, but at times you just have to shake your head and wonder at His goodness. My wife had asked me to run into the grocery store nearest the office (Aldi’s) and low and behold, there was Catora – the girl God had given me crazy insight over in regards to her future in nursing. See here for that story. She remembered me, I remembered her and I asked her how things were going in nursing.

She began to explain how as soon as she finished her shift she would be going in for her first interview, but that she had an uneasy feeling about it and felt as though she wasn’t supposed to take this first opportunity even if she was offered it. I asked if we could take it to Jesus. “Of course!” We held hands and invited the clarity of Jesus to permeate her experience.

As I turned to leave she commented, “you know, it’s really crazy that I haven’t seen you for months and the very day that I have to make a major decision, God sent you back to me.” So crazy. Lord, thank You!