The Postman, Part 2.

[Risk No. 668] I had met Michael (and prayed with him) a few weeks back. You can read that encounter here. Michael, our local postman, stopped me on my way down the road heading out on a run with our dog Purdy. Michael shared with me how he he had a crazy pollen headache. Offered to pray and he reminded me that I had prayed for his stomach. Oh yeah! I hadn’t even recognized him, scary. How did that turn out? “Oh, I got better.” Great!

We held hands. His headache began leaving and by the end of our conversation was completely gone. “I feel electricity pulsing through my whole body.” Hey, come to think of it, my left wrist doesn’t hurt anymore either. We talked about Jesus and His kingdom. Michael had been saved and baptized a couple months back at a small Baptist church but had since found the journey too difficult to pursue. We prayed over his addiction to alcohol and the hurts in his heart. We prayed the Holy Spirit would overtake and empower him.

In all, we spent enough time that Purdy had just laid down next to me in the middle of our Cul-De-Sac where Michael and I talked. I invited him to church and encouraged his journey. So sweet.