[Risks No. 676 & 677] I spotted Roger hobbling across the street while out running errands. No more than 10 seconds passed when I was forced to think quick. Pull over and pray or drive on? Drive-by prayers carry the same effect, right? I can just say a quick prayer and it will carry the same weight… These were the thoughts running around in my brain.

Gratefully, my heart won out. I quickly pulled into a side street and found a parking spot. This part of town wasn’t exactly a thrill to be in, but it was right where God had me. I introduced myself to Roger right as he sat down into his wheelchair and asked why he was limping. “I got shot and have a bullet in my foot.” That’s not something you hear every day but I do feel he’s the second gun-shot-wound victim I’ve prayed for in East Nashville. Interesting. 

I offered to pray and Roger happily accepted. It was obvious he was in excruciating pain and when he pulled up his pant leg it was also obvious that he had serious infection and swelling. I asked how long ago he had been shot. “Over a year ago.” Why have the Doctor’s not removed the bullet came my frustrated common-sensical next line. He went on explaining something about insurance and Doctor’s that I didn’t fully understand or comprehend. He then also shared how he had needed a bus pass and had left some paper work at the clinic up the street.

Prayed for his foot and he began feeling heat. Offered to accompany him to the clinic and figure out the pass thing. I agreed to cover the $25 bus fee but didn’t have cash on me. I offered to go and get the cash and return back. He was going to be doing some manual labor for the tattoo shop next door to earn some cash. How in the world this man could do manual labor with his foot as it was blew my mind.

I left to get cash and came back 15 minutes later. I walked inside the very interesting tattoo shop and asked if anyone knew where Roger was. They said he had left but that I should really consider getting some more work done. Hmmm, I think I’ll pass. Did pray for another man on crutches with long dreads. He had broken his leg and was scheduled for surgery.

Prayed and then drove around looking for Roger. I unfortunately never found Roger and am still keeping my eyes peeled while out and about. Pray with me that I run into him again!