Emily & friends.

[Risks No. 681 – 683] Ok, so I have to confess some frustration. I have found it a huge challenge in this season to actually translate the risks I’m taking into blog form. In reality, the risk posted for any given day was likely a risk taken a month or so in the past. I guess it’s a great problem except trying to remember details from a month past is easier said than done. More grace, Lord.

I met friends for lunch at The Pharmacy. Great lunch. Encouraging and joy-filled.

Emily was our waitress and I felt God gave me several specific words/pictures for her. I (as is typical) had no clue whether she was a believer or not. I shared with her that God is growing me in hearing from Him for others and asked if I could share what I felt He had given me for her. She curiously agreed. I shared and asked if the words applied. They did, and powerfully. Thank You, Jesus.

On the way out I saw two others hosts at the door and began encouraging both with prophetic words.  It was weird, almost like once I stepped out and took the risk with Emily, then the doors swung open for the others.