[Risk No. 685] Mike stood outside of Kroger – a local grocery store that hosts not one, but two, Redbox movie dispensers. I noticed him, in obvious security guard garb, standing nearby and asked him how he was doing, followed by a quick, do you have any pain in your body right now? “Oh yeah! I sure do. Several years ago I was crossing the street and was hit by an oncoming car. My legs have never been the same since, they’re always in pain.”

We prayed, I encouraged him to walk around a bit and tell me how they felt. “It’s about the same.” God knows what He’s doing and let’s trust God to deliver the fullness. I think I should have prayed it out. I’ve been struggling with this lately: to pray once and trust or to keep praying and trust for breakthrough on the spot. Help me know and discern the difference here, Lord.