[Risk No. 697] Shad was at my friend’s parents house and was born with a mental/physical disorder. It’s amazing to watch someone smile and express joy even when their entire life has been experienced from the restraints of a wheelchair. I felt God’s heart for Shad and wondered how to approach praying for him without making a scene? Unbelief is assuming Shad is too crippled or too mentally challenged for God to break in and work a wonder. I don’t want to make assumptions based on unbelief, I want to follow God’s heart of love and step out more in areas I have yet to see breakthrough. 

At the end of a sweet time of visiting with new friends, Shad and his parents were getting up to leave. I said goodbye to his parents and then kneeled down next to the large motorized wheelchair. I said goodbye to Shad and hugged him. I wish I could say I prayed a huge prayer of faith for his healing. I did pray for him, but my prayer sounded more like, “Father, I pray that LOVE would manifest over these circumstances. Come and work a wonder, Lord.” If faith is the tiny seed, than maybe I prayed with more faith than assumed. Either way, I couldn’t deny the compassion I felt as even a small expression of God’s heart.

Thank You, Abba, for Shad and all those living in situations that just don’t seem like they’d ever shift. You are the shift. You know what they all need. LOVE, touch down. Grow us. Increase our compassion!