Heidi & Jeff.

[Risks No. 701 & 702] Heidi & Jeff were at my local wine store when I asked if either had any pain or problems, esp. in the right shoulder – which was on my heart. Jeff did and wondered why I asked. I shared how God has given me a compassion for hurting people and that I’ve seen Jesus heal countless people as a result. I asked if we could pray for his shoulder. “Sure.” Heidi, can you help? Please place your hand on his shoulder. She did. Commanded tendons, muscles, and everything else to come into alignment and be placed back together. Blessed them and encouraged them. I sense I’ll be seeing Heidi again and that God will give me more insight over her. This is all about learning and growing. It’s from faith to faith – not perfection to perfection. Thank You, Jesus, for the journey!