Lisa +.

[Risks No. 712 – 721] In an effort to catch up on risks over the past month-ish, I’m going to compile several risks into short sentence overviews below. I’d prefer to include greater detail on each but I desperately need to catch up. It’s a good problem!

– Lisa was our stewardess on the flight up to Minneapolis. I shared with her how I saw her as a GIFT to the world. Encouraged her and thanked her. She smiled. 

– Heather, flight to MN. Gratitude!

– Kelley, Abbey kitchen helper. In a space of such silence (I was on a silent retreat) I broke it by asking if could pray over her. “Yes, please, for my family”. We prayed and I hugged her. She seemed stunned and I received the notion that this didn’t happen often for her.

– Erin, Sergio’s. Moving to NYC, asked if I could pray a blessing over her. Held hands and blessed her. She was shocked – almost as if to say, “I’m not a believer, but the fact that you would offer to pray is really kind.”

– Amy. Asked how I could pray. People came in and I didn’t pray for her right there.

– Big Mike, desired prayer for his wife of 3 months. Asked about knees but no problems there.

– Taomie, Starbucks Orlando, prayer for finances. Held hands and prayed.

– Mike @ Tithemi church. Largely overweight and felt a ton of compassion for him. It’s often hard for me to pray for people who are overweight as I don’t want to offend them straight out of the gate. God gave me a ton of grace.

– Shea & Kirstin – Coffee shop near the coast. Prayed a blessing over them and encouraged them with how much God loved them. Kirstin was heading to Uganda as a Jehovah’s Witness missionary and my friend James began asking her about JW beliefs.

I was reminded of how little I really know about what others believe. In the case of JW’s, most notably and among many issues, they reject the idea of the trinity, communion or hell. Pretty massive differences between us. Lord, restore those who seem close but are incredibly far off and help me/us to know how best to love those who have good answers but don’t know you in a relationship of intimacy.

– Heather, Cool Springs Brewery, asked how we could pray and shared a word about how she “cares” for others and that really that’s a gift of compassion. Encouraged her and asked about a Tendon problem, none present. She nodded her head and commented how cool and weird it was that I knew these things about her. Jesus….