[Risk No. 724] Shaun was in line behind us at Barista Parlor. I remember feeling a strange connection to him as I passed the menu along to him. As my wife and I finished breakfast with a friend, Beth (my wife) asked if I had a word for someone. I told her I thought I did and approached Shaun who had walked past me and was back in line to purchase a bag of coffee. I approached him, told him I knew this might be a bit weird, but that God had placed him on my heart and I believed wanted to encourage him. He was fully receptive and listened intently to the words I shared with him. Turns out he’s in town from Seattle (my former stomping grounds) on a missions adventure (my current stomping grounds). Judah was in line directly ahead of Shaun and turned around to comment about how cool it was to see someone stepping out in words of knowledge. We prayed for each other. So sweet!