Amber & Brittany.

[Risks No. 726 & 727] Amber & Brittany were at Fedex Kinko’s on a slow Sunday afternoon. I was picking up a delivery and began asking Jesus if there was anything He wanted to say or convey to them. I sensed Him deposit a crazy word to me about relocation. I asked if either were considering a move either in the sense of a job or to a new city. They both began freaking out on me and shared how the word applied to each of them. We held hands and prayed together. Prayed over Ambers right knee. No pain at the time but she sensed heat. Hugs and they actually encouraged me. “Keep doing this! This was amazing!” I was able to express to Amber how much Jesus loves her and cares about everything she’s going through. I walked away so touched by the way in which God moved.