Prison fire.

[Risks No. 732 – 741] We had the sweetest of privileges in visiting a local Nashville prison tonight. Our friend from Send Musicians to Prison had placed together a beautiful concert where the musicians involved wrote songs inspired by the inmates’ journals written over a study on the beatitudes. So powerful. While there, Jesus gave me many opportunities to pray. Here they are in short list form:

– Ponce, inmate with a crazy spinal issue, wheelchair bound. He was in tons of pain. Commanded pain to leave and for any metal in his body to be disolved. By the end of the night I discovered that Ponce was in ZERO pain and that he had experienced a dream two nights prior, where in the dream, the metal disappeared from his body and that his back was 100% better. Lord, could I get a follow-up on this story at some point, please?

– Anthony, left knee, totally healed.
– Man with right knee pain alongside Anthony. Walks over as he notices us praying for Anthony and hikes his knee up. Back issues? Yes. Pain gone.
– Yoshi, shared a word about how God had wired her. Hugged, super encouraged.
– Steve & Wife, prayed for his shoulder/right side and encouraged them.
– Inmate from Honduras with patch on eye from an accident where he was shot with a slingshot. Commanded eye to be restored. Didn’t have enough time to find out if he was instantly healed.
– Security guard on the way out. Left knee issue? “No. It’s my right knee.” Can I pray? “Sure.” Prayed. No pain.
– Security woman on my way out – back issues and leg problems. Compressed discs – prayed and encouraged her.
– Two security guards right before I walked outside were talking about how tired they were. Walked over, asked for their hands and prayed. Said to the one, “I see you like the energizer bunny.” She began crying and laughing at the same time with the oddest look on her face. “That’s crazy, my Nick-name at church is the energizer bunny!!!”

Thank You, Jesus, for a night of revival in prison. May there be many many more.