[Risks No. 753 – 759] Risks with family is a beautiful blessing. On this Friday, I was running errands with David in the morning and my wife in the afternoon. David and I hit Lowes & Walmart while Beth and I shopped Publix & Costco. I don’t know why I mention these locations other than it’s healthy to know that most risks happen in the day to day of life – the love of God moving through the normal, even often mundane, of our schedules. David and I prayed for an older man with knee issues cruising the motorized wheelchair around Lowe’s. He expressed how surprised he was that someone looking like me wanted to pray, and in the end, how blessed he was that we had stopped. Ha! We prayed for our check-out lady and then prayed for several people at Wal-mart. Unfortunately, I didn’t write the details of this day in my phone’s note App and can’t recall each of the encounters. Sorry!

Beth and I have been going through a study on risk-taking and developing a life of risk. It’s not easy, but God is moving us toward Him and it’s been a blast to watch Jesus move through us. We prayed for several people while shopping, one of which was a lady using a walker. She was approaching the shopping carts and I offered to pull one out for her. She was just happy I had offered and then asked her what was going on physically. All sorts of arthritic issues. Asked if we could pray for her. She agreed and we thanked Jesus for her and spoke life over her body. She wasn’t in pain at the moment. We hugged. People are amazing and so worth stepping out of our way for.