[Risk No. 760] Kate was a server at Bombay Bistro where I was meeting a friend. When I had first asked her name she shared it and then responded that no one asks and that I had just made her day. Hello? That is lesson number one in treating people as we would like to be treated. Asking a name is such a massively vital question.

The words came out of my mouth sooner than I even thought them, or so it felt. I asked if Kate was from California? “I am! That’s so weird! How did you know that, I haven’t lived there for years. Everyone thinks I’m from Georgia.”  I shared with her that I saw her with two choices and one was less risky than the other and that Jesus was pointing her to the riskier option. At this she nearly freaked out on me and came and sat at the table (my friend had just gotten up to leave).

I shared with her how as a Jesus-follower, I was learning to hear His voice. I shared how much God loves and that my job is to be sure people know that. I sensed tears welling up in my eyes as I shared the love of the Father with her. I then sensed the Holy Spirit sharing with me that she was not yet a believer but that He was drawing her and would answer all her doubts and questions about Jesus. She was super thrilled and more than happily allowed me to pray with her. I felt pain in my lower back and asked her about it. She immediately said, “my husband.” We prayed. Epic times. Thank You, Jesus.