[Risk No. 761] Rhiannon was at Americas Walk-in Clinic. She checked my vitals for a mean sinus congestion I’ve had for the past 4 weeks. I’ve prayed, fasted, and done everything I know to pray this thing out. I’ve seen a bit of progress but not enough. Today I sensed a peace to just go get it checked out. I could make it a big deal with God and His will or I could just praise Him even in not being sure why healing hasn’t come yet.

She asked me how I was doing and I said, “great!” “Wow, that’s surprising considering you’re here.” Well, Jesus loves me and that’s something always worth celebrating. As she sat next to me gathering all my vitals I heard the words “medical missions” in my heart. I asked if she had ever done anything like that. “No, I’ve never considered that.” I shared a bit of my story and encouraged her that I saw God partnering with her in different parts of the world. Kind of awkward because I think she thought I was a freak but mostly awesome because I am.