Turkey (Part Two).

[Risks No. 767-769] 

Our three-van caravan traveled Southeast from Bursa through dry dessert mountains to the European resort/beach/vacation town of Antalya on the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. Antalya was also the first town in my life where the Apostle Paul had once been. He mentioned the same town (Attalia) in Acts 14:25. Crazy. first dinner with NLM in Antalya. After our meal I asked my new Turkish friend and tour promoter, Safack, who had himself experienced a gracious touch from Jesus, whether he could ask our waiter about any neck pain. No neck pain, but Asad did have stomach issues. He welcomed our praying and we began sharing the love that is Jesus. I also had a word about a heaviness he felt in his heart over his wife and children. Unbeknownst to me, Asad had lost child and mom to disease two years ago. Wow. We had a powerful prayer-time inviting the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to him. Around this time another man randomly approached and asked us for prayer as he had seen us praying for Asad. We prayed for Hassan’s anxiety attacks (which he was quick to honestly share with us) and began explaining how Jesus is the ultimate cure. At this point we prayed for him and then had to run to make our first meeting with NLM. More Love in Turkey, Lord!

Our first time to witness the beautiful mess that is No Longer Music was in Antalya. Joani and I missed the show in Bursa by a couple hours due to delayed buses and ferry rides. I’ve had several sweet opportunities to hang with the Steiger/NLM crew, but never in this kind of setting, much less in the Middle East. This was our first time in Turkey or the Middle East. What a strikingly beautiful country and people. For the past two years God has placed Turkey in my heart, it was crazy to see that dream fulfilled. I’ve even been following several photographers on Instagram from Turkey and repeatedly have had this weird sense that one day I’d be there. Crazy how God can place these little hints/ideas in our hearts.

On the first night of the show we walked from our hotel to the amphitheater that just happened to be right next to the yacht harbor. Talk about an epic setting! I noticed a man who seemed partially blind and had wanted to pray but didn’t have an interpreter. We asked if we could pray, and as was the case anytime we didn’t have an interpreter, there was a clear nod. That was enough for me. Prayed over his physical and spiritual eyes. Not sure what he experienced but all the hugging expressed he had been loved indeed.