Turkey (Part Four).

[Risks No. 776 – 779]

There were many others in Turkey that we had opportunities to pray for, encourage, share Jesus, etc. But our night in Manavgat (which in Turkish sounds strangely like “man-of-God”) was by far the most powerful. To date I can’t think of a more special outpouring of God’s Spirit. The night began quite different for our friends in No Longer Music than any other on their 5 month International tour. For starters, they hadn’t been invited and didn’t have official permission (whereas all the other shows they had both invitation and permission). Secondly, they didn’t have electric power so their usual high energy audio/visual set would be stripped down to a drums/skit kind of vibe. They played two shows back to back and it was killer. Hundreds attended each impromptu show.

After the first set I approached a group of people and asked if anyone was in pain. My new friend, Benjamin, kindly translated for me. One of the guys had a knee problem. We prayed and pain was instantly gone. He and I began jogging to test it out. He was 100% fine. Just prior to this I had noticed some of the NLM crew in a heated debate with a couple Muslim men. I had recognized one as a man who was angrily shouting “Allah something!” while David was speaking. It felt to me like the first time we had seen any real outward opposition. At one point this man approached our friend Safak who was interpreting for David. Safak boldly pushed him aside and he retreated.

Right around the time of the knee healing I noticed this man was standing next to me watching. I hugged him and said hello. As quickly as he watched God touch this young man’s knee, he began showing me all the areas he had pain or problems. A scar on his lower spine, stab wound on his left chest and an indentation on his skull along with what must have been many staples from some form of an accident. My interpreter pal had left me so I was again on my own. Truth is, with the Holy Spirit, we’re never alone. He insinuated I should lay my hands on the places where he’s had obvious issues. I, of course, was more than stoked to, ha!

After a sweet time of prayer over his issues, Suat made a motion with his hand to indicate I should buy him a drink. I agreed. We walked a few feet from the main square into a market and he asked for a beer. I said no beer – just water. He seemed OK with that. The man behind the cashier was blind in his right eye. Before I knew what was happening, Suat took my right hand and placed it across the counter and directly over this mans eye. He again insinuated I should do that thing I do. Prayer. Commanded blindness to leave. No obvious change but language became our barrier as I wasn’t able to ask if anything was happening. Lord, help me trust You to move even when I have no clue. The man behind the register seemed grateful enough.