Coach Josh.

[Risk No. 790] I was picking my daughter up from her swim practice when I noticed her coach. To be honest, I had noticed him several times this past week. He’s hard to miss. One of the loudest and most passionate people you’ll meet. I’m not sure if he’s a believer, but his passion for swimming causes me to want to rise up all the more in passion for Christ.

I also noticed him due to the right wrist immobilizer. All week I had avoided asking him. This time, while waiting in my car, I noticed him leave the pool to talk to someone and felt this was my chance. As soon as he turned back toward pool, I hopped out and met him at the front. I thanked him again for being such a great inspiration and encouragement to our kids. They love swimming for him! Asked about the wrist and he had just discovered that it was not broken but would need an MRI for torn ligaments.

I told him this was one of the small ways I could repay him for his service to my children. I shared how God has given me a passion for healing and he responded with, “dude, let’s do it!” At the Jewish community center (where we swim) we invited Jesus, the Messiah, to heal. Pain left and I received a near back-crunching embrace. “You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you so much. You have no idea…”