Risk Combo.

[Risks No. 792 – 800] I once again find myself in this awkward rut: more risks taken than what I’m able to keep up with here in posting. Since Turkey I’ve found that I’m mostly overwhelmed with Colombia Documentary work (which is a great problem indeed). Please hear my heart, this is not a boast. If anything, I can’t tell you how many times in this journey I’ve thought, “there’s absolutely no way I’m going to be able to hit 1,000 risks – I just don’t have it in me.” So grateful that Jesus does.

Here’s a combination of risks taken & posted to Notes on my iPhone, but that weren’t developed into full stories of their own.

792. Christina was at the gas station while I made a mid-party Ice pick-up. She was sporing a right knee brace. No current pain but she welcomed my prayers. Prayed, hugged and blessed her.

793. I met Jermaine while in Bham, AL on the street with my Father-in-Law, Harry. We prayed over and encouraged him. He was a champion!

794. Angela was a the Civic Rights Museum in Bham, AL greeting us as we walked in. I felt God gave me a word for her in how she has invested her life for others. I shared it and encouraged her. Her response was sweet and encouraged me.

795. Mike Johnson. 15 years ago he was hit by a drunk driver and still has pain in his back and legs. We prayed but didn’t have the opportunity to test it out.

796. Linda was at Lowe’s in a motorized wheelchair. I asked if she was in pain. “No, but if I was walking around I would be.” Prayed for her back. She was super sweet and talked about the faithfulness of her husband. 46 years of marriage. Sweet.

797. Dorothy was at Lowe’s and I asked how we could pray for her. Turns out she was moving to Georgia. We prayed Jesus would encourage her and aid her in the transition. She commented with, “Thank you. I really needed that.”

798. Jeff was selling the homeless paper. Prayed over him and he turned around – facing the opposite direction from all the cars and raised his hands in the air to worship Jesus. Epic moment. This was a first.

799. Angela was at Gabby’s burgers – quite possibly the most legit burger in town. Asked if she had any back problems. “No, but my knees bother me.” We laughed that I had been close and prayed. No current pain. She was stoked.

800. Zack was back-stage security at the Vans Warped Tour here in Nashville. I noticed how many people walk past him never saying a word, never even thinking twice about him. Believers were never meant to stoop so low. I shared how I felt God saw him and came back a second time and asked how we could pray for him. Held hands and prayed. Simple, but rad time.