[Risk No. 808] Cammy was our waitress at Plant in Asheville, NC. I was celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife (God is so good!). While dining at the best all-vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever dined at, I began asking the Lord how He saw Cammy. Several words and sentences began coming to my heart over the course of our meal. At the end of our meal I shared that Beth and I were Jesus-followers learning to hear God’s voice and that I sensed there were some things He wanted me to share with her. I asked if it was OK that I do that. She said, “sure” and acted intrigued. I began sharing what God had placed on my heart and He continued to download thoughts on and through me. Several minutes later I asked if any of it made sense to her. “Wow! Yeah, that’s crazy. You guys are amazing!” I reminded her that God is love and Jesus represents that love through His followers. We prayed over her and hugged her. Love fest. Thank You, God. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Holy Spirit.