Stephanie & Angie.

[Risks No. 809 + 810] My time in South America with my family was amazing but it also put me way behind in catching up on risks. Can’t wait to share some of the stories with you all!

Stephanie & Angie were behind the counter at Juice Nashville. I asked Stephanie how we could pray and felt God wanted to remove stress from her shoulders, physically and spiritually. She shared that she does experience stress and deals with pain. We prayed and I thanked her for the vision she carries and for who she is. Got the word “YWAM” for Angie and asked if she knew what YWAM was. “Yeah, I do.” Cool, well, I feel like Jesus is saying you’re about to head out with them. “That’s weird because I was just talking to a friend about them.” Crazy. Thank You, Jesus.