[Risk No. 821] Bryan was working the closing shift at Dunkin Donuts when we came in for some late-night inspiration (were were in the midst of a crazy weekend working on completing the Colombia Documentary). I think he was slightly intimated by the three of us being loud, joyful and not exactly looking like your typical donut purveyors. Before we left I asked how we could pray for him. He awkwardly thought on how to respond. Asked if he had pain or anything physical going on. He didn’t. Asked if we could just pray a blessing over him when he shared that would be fine but that he wasn’t religious. Neither are we – this is relationship! Strange how someone can live in the “buckle” of the Bible Belt and yet be completely caught off-guard when asked how we could pray for him. There’s much the south is known for – loving it’s neighbors is not YET one of those. Super awkward, still awesome.