[Risk No. 825] While on an early Saturday morning run I noticed Heather sitting in the passenger seat of what looked to be her husband’s lawn-care truck. I didn’t think much of it until I passed her again on my way back home. As I passed her I heard, “go back and tell her how much I love her.” Wait, God, really? Is that You or am I just spiritually overthinking this? Next thought I heard was, “will you obey?” Considering I had just been reading Wigglesworth on obedience to the Spirit, what option did I have? I turned around and asked for more grace. Excuse me, mam (sweat pouring down my brow) I ran past you and sensed God wanted me to come back and remind you of how much Jesus loves you. I sense that in this season you may not be feeling that love and you’re wondering if He really cares. He does. You are amazing, have a great day. She listened intently and smiled. I lacked the courage to ask if it meant anything to her, but then again, that wasn’t what I was told to do. Super cool. More, Lord!