Clarissa & Catching-up.

[Risks No. 829 – 834] Clarissa was at the drive-thru bank window and it just seemed to me that she was glowing. I shared what I sensed and told her that I saw Jesus igniting her faith, blowing her up with a hope that was truly special and unusual. Shared how I felt Jesus was calling her into a new season of depth with Him. She smiled and thanked me.

Once again, I’m WAY (by over a month) in risks taken and when they’re actually being posted. It’s been the second best problem I’ve had since beginning this challenge/journey. To catch-up, I’m going to begin adding some risks together. They most likely don’t have any connection to each other other than the fact that they were risks I took.

Ottis is a cab driver that I met in Atlanta. Had the sweetest time praying with him and encouraging each other. He lit up when he realized I was a believer and we hit it off.

Harold was our early morning hotel to airport shuttle driver in Atlanta. I asked how I could pray for him and he said he was dealing with knee issues in his left knee. Bent down and prayed for his knee.

As I walked on board our flight to Bogota, I overheard the airline stewardess talking about how she’d been in a couple of accidents and that her back/shoulders were in pain. I asked if I could pray. “Oh, sure.” Offered my hands and commanded pain to leave and for shoulders/back to be restored.

Sweet Colombian couple sitting next to me on the flight to Colombia. I asked if I could pray over their lives and they quickly agreed. Blessed and encouraged them.