Ramona & Molly.

[Risks No. 840 & 841] I had to drop off a package today at Fedex/kinko’s. As I walked in the ladies behind the counter asked me how I was doing. “Amazing” came my enthusiastic response. “Amazing, wow!” came theirs. I left the package and walked right back out. As soon as I walked out I had the thought for left shoulder. I asked while looking at Ramona who was closest to me. “I sometimes have left shoulder problems. I don’t have any pain right now but just yesterday it was bothering me again.” I shared how Jesus sometimes gives me little clues on what people are experiencing because He wants to heal them. Held her hand and commanded shoulder to be normal and prayed a blessing over their lives. “Wow, I’m so glad you came back in – you totally made my day!” Thank You, Jesus.