Colombia Risks (Part One).

[Risks No. 842 – 846] Once again, I find myself having fallen behind in being able to catch-up on risks taken and risks documented. In addition, we’re about to launch out into This Is Kingdom: 33 Ways to take Love-Inspired Risks in 33 Days in connection to the Colombia [Esto Es Reino] Documentary. More on all that soon.

For this post – and the next 1 or 2, I’ve compiled a variety of risks taken while in Colombia last month with my family.

It was Sunday, and surprisingly, I hadn’t been booked to speak at any area churches. My family did not complain. After the crazy, stressful days we had just had, nor did I. Our friend took us around town on a lovely sunny Colombian day. We landed first at a square with shops/restaurants (Crepes & Waffles) and a park.

Nidia & Gloria were positioned outside the large, ominous doors of the corner Catholic church, marking the center-piece of the old-world square. Nidia was on crutches and I asked Lina Maria to join me in praying for her. We asked what had happened. Polio had taken over since the age of 4. We began praying, both bowed to our knees, not only in reverence to a God who constantly hears, but also for the fact that Nidia was a very small woman and there’s just something about praying in a position of service to, rather than authority over.

Church let out nearly at the same time we took to praying. I chose to remain in a position of prayer despite the loud mass letting out around me. I could tell many were stopping to give Nidia their pesos, who was there in front of the church selling little hand-made bracelets. I stopped praying once the noise around me subsided. Some by-standers watched on, some joined us in praying. All pain had left Nidia’s body and she took my hand to take her first crutch-free steps (note: she was putting significant pressure on my hand – there’s never a need to exagerate). She then took several steps completely on her own. They were awkward, but they were real. She smiled so huge. We purchased bracelets, encouraged her, hugged, and then prayed together for her friend Gloria. God gave us words of encouragement and love for Gloria. Both ladies were in tears as the love of the Father settled sweetly on them. So powerful. Thank You, Jesus.

Jonathan was working the fancy Ceviche stand opposite Crepes & Waffles. I ordered a spicy shrimp cocktail and prayed love & blessing over Jonathan’s life.

Paula took our order at the Bogota Beer Company. I asked how I could pray and she didn’t really have an answer so I asked if I could just bless her. “Sure.” Held hands and prayed Jesus would move obstacles out and intimacy in.

Later in the day, after a special time hanging out at a beautiful city park with countless Colombian friends, we met Bryan at a local pizza joint with our friend Gracia and her 1 year-old son, Franko. We prayed for and blessed him – he was stoked and said he was a believer.