Colombia (Pt. 2).

[Risks No. 847 – 868] Here’s the continuation of risks taken in Colombia last month:

I visited a dentist friend in Bogota to get a chipped tooth looked at. He took care of me and then I asked if I could offer to pray for any of the clients waiting in his lobby. I started by offering to pray for his receptionist. She had back pain and I received a word of knowledge about a hard time she was having with her father. She was stunned and God brought healing to both fronts.

I prayed for another woman waiting and had a sweet time encouraging her. I noticed Marcella watching me as I had prayed over the other ladies.  She works in the insurance business and was  waiting to speak with the dentist about some paperwork. I felt God gave me a word about her back having problems. She was healed on the spot (thank You, Jesus) and then she asked me if I would come down to her car and pray for her 15-year old son who deals with seizures. Of course I would, are you kidding me! Ha. On the way down she informed me that her husband wasn’t a believer and that he is highly skeptical.

She introduced me to her son, Nikolas and her husband, Mauricio. I said hello and she shared how God had just healed her back and that she just knew He was here and He was moving. I asked Nikolas if we could pray for him. We all laid hands on him and invited the Holy Spirit to work as He wanted. I then felt compelled to share the Gospel with Mauricio. I did, and both he and his son expressed their desire to receive Jesus as savior and best friend. Wow, I was stoked! I’ve seen God do a lot of cool stuff in this risk journey, but people coming to Jesus is the sweetest. We all bowed down on the asphalt parking lot floor, held hands, and invited Jesus to be our everything.

I hugged them, encouraged them and then sensed something strange from the Holy Spirit. I felt him tell me to give them some money (the equivalent of about $75 USD) to spend on going out on a date. I did, and at these words, both Marcella and her husband began to cry. She looked at him and said, “I had just been telling God that I so desperately wanted to just go on a date with my husband!” God gave me other insights into some financial issues and challenges their marriage had faced. It was truly a next-level experience.

Now, months later, they are attending church with my dentist friend and have opened up their home to a small group that meets to pray and read the Bible – every week. The whole family was fully transformed by the simple steps of obedience. Insane! You are amazing Jesus!

I prayed for a lady and a man near the dental office. Prayed over them and encouraged them.

The next morning David and I went for to play in the local park where I noticed a woman with a severe limp. Her left leg was at least 4 inches shorter than the other. I commanded the leg to grow out. She sensed electricity and a tingling sensations. I Didn’t see her leg grow out right in front of me.

Taxi-cab drivers – asked many of our drivers how we could pray for them. Some really sweet opportunities to bless and encourage these men who are far from expecting a customer to begin praying over their lives.

There was a man at the Panaderia after my morning run with Don Jose. Prayed over him and blessed his life.

Carlos in the black market had been in a car accident and broken his hip/leg and had a huge contraption screwed into the bone of his leg. No pain at the time, prayed over him and it was kind of awkward but sweet. I asked if he owned a tienda and the one where he was leaning at was his. I noticed a woman behind him crying behind the booth. Asked if we could pray. Indeed. Super sweet time of encouraging her.

San Andresito – two people rejected us – which is fairly rare in Latin America. One was a woman walking with a limp. I asked what was going on and she said she was going to the DR to find out. Asked if we could pray and she agreed at first but then changed her mind. Said she was in a hurry. Told her Jesus had what it took. She walked on. The other was an older man limping and I asked if he was in pain. He was. Asked if we could pray and he politely turned us down. All good in the hood!

We prayed for a farmer & his girlfriend at our friend’s farm. Encouraged them and reminded them of God’s love.

Prayed for both airline stewardesses who checked our family in on our way from Bogota to Costa Rica.

Prayed for the lady who helped us with last-minute, unexpected Yellow Fever shots.

Amazing time in Colombia. Love that country and her people. Jesus loves them more.