Risk No. 3. (Jesse)

Risk No. 3. Smile at a stranger – then ask them their name.
Desafío No 3. Sonríele a un desconocido – luego pregúntale su nombre.

Note: if you’re reading this before church, take this challenge at church today!

[Risk No. 871]  Jesse was at Pinewood Social. I asked God for encouragement to pass along to her. I saw (in my heart) the picture of a box full of gifts and rarities. Told Jesse that I saw her life as full of gifts that she was giving out to others and that she lived her life generously. That God was the one who had filled her with gifts and that He was helping her give them out. Prayed a quick blessing over her. Hugs. She was near tears. I was again reminded of God’s ability to Love.