Risks No. 4, 5, 6.

Thanksgiving week is here and I’m behind on updating this blog with the current risk challenges. If you want an earlier heads-up on these, please tune in to Facebook.com/comeandlive.

Risk No. 4: Smile, ask a stranger their name, and tell them that Jesus loves them.

Risk No 5: Post a link to the Colombia Documentary on your Facebook page, share what Jesus is teaching you through it! (You should watch it if you haven’t). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7HfCN0YqAU

Risk No. 6: For tomorrow (Nov 26th), serve your family or those you live with in a sacrificial way – do something special (by cleaning the house, make dinner, wash the dishes, the car, etc.)

Here are three risks [872 – 874] I’ve taken:

I dropped a friend off at Megabus where I noticed a woman with a cane. I asked if she was in pain from her hip or knees. No, it was her ankle. Shared the compassion Jesus has put in me for helping hurting neighbors. Offered to pray. She sweetly and kindly turned me down and I didn’t sense I should keep pushing. Lord, please heal her ankle and heart anyway.

My family and I met Saba at our favorite pizza joint. She opened up right off the bat about how her husband has been out of work for the past year and she’s been forced to work 2 jobs. They had originally moved to Nashville from Ethiopia 12 years ago. We continued to talk each time she came by. We prayed over she and her husband’s work, and when I said amen, tears were streaming down her cheeks. Everyone has a story and every story matters to God. Asked why she was limping and several years ago she had fallen and her right knee had never been the same. No pain but we prayed her knee would be fully restored. Awesome woman who loved Jesus and family.

Barry “Rasbarry” was at Whole Foods  scooting in a motorized wheelchair. At first I felt like I wanted to try and ignore that I even noticed him (yeah, sometimes it sucks to realize just how human I am). Thankfully, Jesus stepped in. I walked past him and complimented his Rasta red/gold/green beanie. His smile beamed with life and we began to talk about how he knows the Bob Marley family and how they sent him some of the clothes he was wearing (his shirt pictured he and Steve Marley hanging out!, ha.). We talked about love and why Jesus had won my heart with perfect love. He shared how he had started a hug-a-thon and I asked if we could trade a prayer for a hug. We did and it was rad. Prayed healing over his obviously crippled body and invited Love to wash over him and reminded Jesus loved him. So cool. Thank You, Jesus, for moving me out of the way for You to touch down.

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