Risk No. 12.

No. 12: Call someone else you don’t often talk to and ask them how you can be praying for them. Say a prayer for them over the phone.

[Risk No. Zero & 884] Yesterday I had to pick up a few items at Costco. Sometimes I’ll use errand time as an opportunity to catch-up on missed calls and it becomes oh so easy to hop on the phone and essentially ignore the world. I felt God challenging me not to do that. On the way in I noticed a mother with whom I believe was her grown son. He had a walking stick and hearing aids. I felt the entrance was too busy to try and stop them for prayer so I prayed that God would give me another chance to pray for them. I didn’t end up seeing them again – not that I exactly tracked them down. I think my prayer was coming mostly from a place of fear, and if I’m honest, I hoped I wouldn’t bump into them again. Ouch. Sorry Jesus, that’s not who I am – nor was I ever called to live it. Forgive me, and thank You for helping me, especially when I shrink back.

I walked around Costco picking up my goods and on the way toward the front noticed a woman scooting directly toward me in a motorized wheelchair with a boot on her left foot. Excuse me, mam, can I say a quick prayer over your foot? “How did you know I was a Christian?” came her puzzled response. I didn’t, I just noticed you were in a chair with a boot and I love praying for hurting people. “Wow, you are a great testimony. I broke my foot and don’t know how long it will take to recover.” Shared how I’m slowly learning and offered to pray. Bent down, placed my hands on her foot and commanded it to be well. Judy smiled, I spoke encouragement to her, and thanked her for who she was. Thanks God.