Risk No. 13 (Mall)

[Risk No. 13 of 33] Call a family member that you haven’t talked to in a while and encourage them. Then ask how you can be praying for them. Pray for them over the phone.

[Risks No. 885 – 905]  I visited a local mall last night with my friend Jeremy. Before he arrived I spotted a teenage boy and girl sitting in the food court. I pulled up a chair next to Jonathan and shared how he reminded me of an old friend. Jeremy showed up soon after I had begun talking to the two. God gave us grace to pray, prophecy, and speak over these two 15-year-old lives. It was beautiful.

We then headed over to Sbarro’s Pizza and I sensed the words “neck and shoulder problems.” I asked who had neck or shoulder problems. Out of the 4 employees present, 3 had neck or shoulder problems (and no other physical problems). It was nuts. Prayed for the 4 and then God just began giving us revelation over each of their lives. Every-time I’d ask if what we were saying made sense. Both tears and verbal responses confirmed we were hearing from the Spirit. I don’t know how long it was, maybe 30 minutes, of just speaking truth and love over each of these. A 5th employee came out from the back and we began praying over him – both for physical issues he was facing and a ton of rejection he was feeling from the Christian music industry. Invited Stephen to church and released hope over him.

While still talking/praying over the Sbarro’s crew, a lady walked by with her cleaning cart. I asked if she spoke Spanish. She did. Asked if her back was hurting. It was. Prayed. No more hurting. She hugged me and thanked me for stopping her.

A few moments later I noticed a young man walking funny and asked what was up and whether it was his knee. “No, it’s my calf from playing soccer.” I felt grace and didn’t even ask to pray. Watch. Knelt down, laid my hand on his calf and commanded it to be normal. Asked him to walk around. “That’s weird, it feels completely fine now.” Shared Jesus with Alex and his friends – encouraged them and prayed over them.

Zach was working a kiosk and I asked how we could be praying for him. “Oh, just however you think is best.” Asked where he was from and by the time I had asked I knew he was from Turkey but didn’t have the guts to just say it. His response only surprised me when he said “Turkey” and I hadn’t just gone for it! Haha. Shared how I’ve been to Turkey and loved his country. He was sick with a cold so we prayed against sickness and invited Jesus to continue showing Zach His love. Rad.

Prayed over another lady cleaning up in the food court who was from Mexico. We just asked how we could pray and she began crying. No physical pain but her elderly father back home in Mexico was a real mess – living in sin and far from God. We prayed for him and she joined in – I sensed so much expectation in our praying. Crazy. More hugs.

Greg was the man. He gave us the most unreal peanut-butter cookie cup-cakes from his kiosk. We began talking and found he had been in 16 years of full-time ministry – literally getting girls out of sex-trafficking. He was in Nashville for a season of rest. We prayed and ministered to him. We also met his girlfriend, Beth who was visiting from the UK, and prayed over her life and future. Sweetness.

Adolf was cleaning up as the mall had essentially shut down. He had a huge smile and a back support system on. Asked about his back and if we could pray. “Yes, of course.” We held his wrists (he had gloves on and didn’t want us holding his hands) and spoke life over his back. No pain was present but he was super grateful and thanked us for stopping.

Trey and his two friends were walking into the mall as we were walking out. Trey’s left eye looked really weird so I asked him about it. “Oh, I have cataracts and I’ve had it since I was a little boy.” I asked if anyone had ever prayed that he would be healed. “No.” He was 20 years old and never prayed over living in the buckle of the Bible belt. Unreal. Told him we had to pray, that cataracts was an offense to the cross and that Jesus had already crucified it 2,000 years ago. Began praying. He didn’t sense immediate change. Encouraged him that God is faithful. Hugs.

Ashley and Mark were closing up Chick-Fil-A. Asked if we could pray a blessing and if either had any pain. No pain. Prayed over them and Mark shared how he was encouraged that we would just pray for people.

It really is all about engaging with others by the Spirit of Love. I walked into the mall with some (false) feelings of fear and I walked out rejoicing over the mighty hand of God once again so clearly on display.

Jesus, help us to see fear for what it is – a lie. Help us to see others through your eyes – all love. Bless You, Jesus. Pull us into massive intimacy with You.