Risks No. 16-18 + Costa Rica.

[Risks No. 16 – 18 of 33] The next time you go out to eat, tip your server like you were tipping yourself. Suggested tip: $20 or more. 17. Pray about going on a short­term missions trip in 2015. Look into options and possibilities. 18. Spend a day fasting and praying ­ specifically that God would increase your passion for the lost and hurting.

[Risks No. 907 – 934] – COSTA RICA

I had the sweet privilege of visiting Costa Rica with my family. I love Costa Rica and the people there. Pura Vida! Here is a quick overview of risks taken while in Costa Rica. I’ve listed 27 here. In reality, there were likely an additional 27+ that I didn’t take. I continue to seek the Lord, rejoice in His grace, and learn to step forth in love. Growing is what we do.

Prayed for Gabriel at the TCBY yogurt stand outside San Jose International. He was a believer and stoked we would pray for him. Encouraged his heart and life.

Prayed for Robert at our Hostel in San Jose after a crazy night. Had good reason to be frustrated, angry and upset at him. By grace, God turned that around to love.

Prayed for three hippies traveling through Costa Rica from Spain. Asked about back problems. One of the girls has had issues for years. Rad time holding hands and blessing them – inviting Jesus to touch them and draw them in. Reminded them they were amazing. Truth is, everyone’s amazing – we’re all made in God’s image!

Prayed for Edgar at the Radisson hotel and the girl who checked us in there.

Prayed for our server at Steigler San Jose along with Daniel who ended up joining us – he’s been struggling in faith and just got to encourage his heart and pour into him.

Prayed for lady at the local panaderia/bakery near the bus stop.

Prayed for another Gabriel selling pens on the street corner. Purchased him a coke and breakfast and gave him a little cash along with hug.

Friday morning a bunch of us from New Life, New Glory community (including my 13-year-old daughter, Sydney, went out around that area praying for people. We split up into various groups and prayed for a bunch of people. It was raining heavily so we were mostly indoors or under canopies. Here are names or encounters that I remember. David, for his fiancé and for a call to come back to Jesus. He was in tears – powerful. Man who was celebrating his 77th birthday that day. He was mostly blind. We began praying over his eyes and he was seeing slightly better but still not able to make out details. Rad prayer time in a grocery store over him, though. Several people outside of the grocery store that we were able to pray for/speak life over. Older lady inside the grocery store who had hip and hearing issues. After quite a bit of convincing that we did NOT want her money, she allowed us to pray. Rejected by a couple of people who did not want prayer (and likely thought we were pedaling goods of some sort or another). So cool to see Sydney in a group with a couple other girls praying over people. Amazing, actually.

On the drive to the camp we prayed for a man and his son working the little tienda where we bought snacks.

I prayed for a man with no legs on the way to the camp. Communicated in Spanish and asked if I could pray for him. Commanded legs to grow back. Did not see legs grow back instantaneously. Blessed him and thanked God for him.

We prayed for the parking attendant as we parked to eat at the Chinese restaurant.

Prayed for the check-out lady at the fancy grocery store on our way to the jungle/beach.

Prayed for our taxi driver on the way to San Jose. He was an awesome believer and we talked about the Psalms and how much Jesus has done in his life.

Prayed for the lady at the Costa Rica tax booth before leaving the country. Asked about shoulder pain or any other pain. None present.

Prayed for Anna at the lounge in San Jose International. She had back and hip problems. Felt one leg was shorter than the other. It was. Sat her down in a chair and commanded the right leg to grow out. It did. She wasn’t in any pain and shared how she had been asking God for a job and had just secured the one she was at. We prayed a blessing over the works of her hands and all of God’s plans over her life and then asked her to pray for us – epic!

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