Risk No. 21 + Yesterday

[Risk No. 21] Ask God to help you encourage a homeless person. Buy them a meal and ask them to share their story with you.

[Risks 945 – 947] Yesterday I met Sam while checking out at Grapevine. On the way in I sensed “shoulder pain” but wasn’t sure if it was the Lord. On check-out I asked Sam about his shoulder, specifically the right one. “Yeah, it hurts right now. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” I responded with an emboldened, “watch.” Laid my hand on his shoulder and commanded pain to leave. Try it out. He moved it up and down, and around. “There’s no pain at all now.” Haha, praise God. I shared how Jesus had just healed him – and even though he was more stunned than shocked – it was amazingly encouraging for me.

I was on the phone with Natasha, a local sales rep. I asked if she had any problems going on with her Neck. “Nope, why?” Explained the listening to Jesus journey and apologized for being wrong but was grateful she didn’t have a neck issue. Blessed her. Awkward. Awesome.

Met Marcus at a coffee meeting and the first thing I thought was that he knew Jimmy Ryan. Asked. He did. Felt God gave me some directional words over his life and asked if they made sense. “Yeah, in quite a few different ways.” Prayed a blessing over him and discovered he’s desiring to be a full-time videographer. So cool.